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Established in 2000, A.R.T. was created to serve the needs of the architecture and design industry and their clients. We supply comprehensive art plans to compliment each projects design and color scheme. Direct affiliations with local and regional artists as well as national publishing companies enable us to meet any design needs with exclusive artist commissions. Additionally, our custom framing service provides a unique selection of mouldings specifically chosen for each project.

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Things You Always Wanted To Know About Art But Were Afraid To Ask

Art is not scary.  

Well, now it's not.  However, when I first started working for the gallery, the only thing I knew was - I paid for 4 years tuition for my daughter to get her degree in art.  And, I knew what I liked.

Inez & Tony took a chance on me.  And they are educating me (in a good way!).  Styles, nomenclature, how to choose art for clients.  They are art consltants extraordinaire.

When I tell people I work for art consultants the typical response is "Oh, that's nice."  "What's an art consultant?""  Why would I need one?"  " How would I know if I'm getting what I need from one?"

So, here's what I've learned.  An art consultant  has  knowledge in many schools of art, years of experience, a good working relationship with many artists, and can offer clients impartial opinion on selections they are considering.  Art consultants work for homeowners as well as commercial clients.  

You will want a consultant who has an understanding of your space, color schemes, and price point.  Someone who knows the difference between contemporary vs old masters.  A consultant that will show you "everything" available in your chosen medium.  And, once you've narrowed down your selection, someone who will be able to direct you to the right works for your collections or space.

Art consultants will work with artists that specialize in a variety of mediums.  It's amazing the selection: photography, fine art prints, original oils and acrylics on canvas, giclee, glass, sculptures,  etc.  Art printed on aluminum, plexiglass, bamboo.  

Talk to your consultant regarding terms of payment and budget up   front.   Don't be shy.  Remember the lesson we learned in school...."there's no such thing as a stupid question."   A good consultant should be able to find a piece of art, within your price range, that you will be proud of for years to come.  The more I work at A.R.T. Gallery, the more I see the benefit of  an art consultant.  My taste in art really varies.  I like so many styles that my impulse buys don't always work in my space.  If I had hired a consultant, it would have saved me money in the long run.  

If you are the type of  person that has a hard time making decisions or don't have the time to invest searching, an art consultant might be just the ticket.  But I would recommed doing a little research via the internet.  If there's a gallery you've visited, an artist you love, a style you MUST have, take the time to do a little leg work and come prepared to meet your consultant.  It will give them a great start in narrowing down pieces for your collection.  

Here's to happy collecting.....


P.S.  If this article has helped or if you would like to see more on the subject of art consulting, please leave a note under "comments".  

*Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Pablo Picasso

Mary Barr Rhodes

"Aqua Purro"
60" x 48"

Monica Pipia


"Black Horse Red Sky"
           60" x 40"
Now through August 31, 2009
Featuring the works of

Monica Pipia 
(Lexington, KY)


Mary Barr Rhodes 
(Cincinnati, OH)

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